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This special issue originates from the Summer Symposium Reconsidering gender-based violence in the context of displacement and migration held at the Georg-August University of Göttingen on 6-7th July 2017.

The following working papers explore different forms of gender violence, avoiding the pitfalls of a mainstream feminism that reproduces stereotypes of victimhood and marginalisation. Instead, the authors emphasise the role of power in relation to various kinds of gender violence, paying attention to the intricate inequalities that structure victims’ lives. The authors contribute to intersectional and actor-focused understandings of gender violence in conditions of mobility within or across borders of nation states.


Introduction to the Special Issue: Gender and Violence in Contexts of Migration and Displacement by Dr. Susanne Hofmann & Dr. Hatice Pinar Senoguz

National Belonging and Violent Norms of Gendered Migrant Citizenship: Indonesian Migrant Domestic Workers’ Appropriation of a National Ritual by Samia Dinkelaker

Song of My Mother: Remembering and Representing the Forced Displacement and Resettlement of Kurdish Women by Tebessüm Yilmaz

Biopolitics and Displaced Bodies: Challenging Message and Representation in Refugee Art by Güler Ince